Welcome to House + Hide (House and Hide), our brick and mortar store. Located at 280 Crosstown Drive Peachtree City, Georgia 30269 (within the grounds of the Braelinn Shopping Center). Explore custom furniture, lighting, gifts, accessories, art, and rugs to enhance your home decor. From elegant vases to stylish kitchen items and unique art pieces, our curated selection caters to various interior styles for a personalized touch.

BUT, we’re not your typical retail store…the shopping experience at House + Hide goes beyond just acquiring beautiful pieces; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of style and creativity. Our knowledgeable Design Staff is available to answer any questions, provide design advice, and help you discover the perfect additions to enhance your home.

At House + Hide, we also understand the importance of finding the perfect furniture pieces that suit your style and fit seamlessly into your home. That's why we have a stunning selection of custom furniture available for immediate purchase right off the floor. Whether you're looking for a durable sofa, a timeless dining table, or an elegant sideboard, our in-store furniture will be sure to elevate your living spaces. (Aren’t finding something you LOVE in our showroom? Of course customization is always welcome and encouraged; available with most of our upholstery lines, and our staff is excited to get you started there as well),

Our store is open Tuesday to Friday, from 11 AM to 4 PM, and Saturdays from 11PM to 4 PM. Whether you're seeking inspiration for a home makeover, looking for a special gift, or simply want to browse our collection of beautiful decor and furniture pieces, our friendly staff of Designers are always ready to assist you.