William Morris Lavender Bags


These handmade scented pouches come in a set of two gorgeous William Morris print. Featuring subtle orange birds amongst the autumnal hues.  Choose from either a set of two square shaped or pyramid shape. The pouches are approx. 3"/3". Add to your home, car or workplace to breathe in the wonderful aromas.

These pouches can be used in a variety of ways, you can pop it in a drawer, under your pillow, hang on a hanger or hook in cupboards or in the car as a natural freshener.  

Lavender Infusion: organic Lavender flower heads and each is bag is infused with organic Bulgarian lavender oil for extra scent that will last longer. Lavender is a highly popular scent and shows properties such as a sleep and relaxation aid. Used in a clothing or linen cupboard it can also act as a natural moth repellent.

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